Early Years Services in East London

We provide an array of Early Years services in East & South East London to improve the care and education within settings. JEYS can help with whatever your requirements are to improve the lives of your little people.

Free Consultancy Day:

JEYS offers a FREE 1 hour consultation so we can identify areas needing improvement in line with current Ofsted Report.

Book your FREE 1 hour consultation and we will measure your needs against our bespoke banding criteria.

Free Safer Recruitment information and 10% off first service.


Consultancy days for early years services allow us to work together to look at practices and work out where positive changes can be made. Sometimes practitioners will know what needs changing but need a little (or a lot) of support to implement the changes. Consultancy days allow us to form a strategy as well as professional support, advice and guidance to turn situations around.


Whether you are pending an inspection or just want to know where the setting currently stands a Pre Ofsted Inspection could be beneficial. JEYS conducts an inspection exactly as an inspector and we then give you valuable feedback at the end. Development plans can be devised and review visits can be arranged depending on your needs. Having a Pre Ofsted Inspection allows us to work together to identify areas that need addressing before that important inspection.


Have you had an inspection that didn’t quite go to plan? Would you benefit from advice on support to address areas that were identified during the inspection? If so we can work together to ensure that recommendations and actions are addressed and that staff are trained and ready to face the next inspection with confidence.


Sometimes providers and staff find it difficult to implement the EYFS. This can be for numerous reasons including understanding the framework or devising a planning system that allows you to spend time with the children while at the same time recording learning and development in an effective way. JEYS can work with you and your staff team to develop planning systems and help you to understand the EYFS. We will also be tailoring our service in the near future to advise and support on the 2012 changes to the EYFS.


A daunting task at the best of times! Writing your SEF should be enjoyable, celebrating the care and education you deliver to children on a daily basis. We know how big a task it can be so why don’t you let us help? We have vast experience with support providers to write their SEF and we are more than happy to support providers who don’t feel at ease with technology (we can also type for you!). We can come to the setting and help you write it from scratch, support you with reviews or we can proof read and support you from a far. Whatever you need we can help.


Quality Assurance schemes offer parents additional peace of mind knowing that a setting has been awarded a quality assurance certification. We know it can sometimes be difficult to work your way through and round QA schemes and know what you should and need to be doing. JEYS will steer you in the right direction and help you put together the evidence in the setting or we can help you via email and telephone.


Do you have ideas but not sure how to get them over to the staff team effectively? Or have you got an area you would like to improve but don’t know how? Through initial discussion we can devise staff trainings to suit your individual needs and improve your unique setting. Trainings are engaging and fun as we know sitting through hours of slides and someone talking can be boring! 


Writing and reviewing policies and procedures can be a difficult task. Why don’t you let us help you? Whatever you need whether it be a couple of days to review and update or help putting a complete set of policies and procedures together for a new setting we can do it.


Sometimes things aren’t always as they seem. Do you wonder how your setting is being run while you are not there? Or how it really seems to a prospective parent? We can turn up and look around as prospective parents, we will then put a detailed report together highlighting the strengths and any weaknesses.


Meeting children’s individual needs is imperative. Planning should reflect individual children’s needs based on their interests, age and stage of development as well as new experiences. JEYS can support you in tailoring planning to meet individual children’s needs and training staff to do this effectively.


Do you have ideas but are not sure how to put them into action effectively? Or have you got an area you would like to improve but don’t know how? Through initial discussion we can devise a marketing plan to give you that competitive advantage. Through our talented marketing team we can support you in branding, advertising, web design, and many more. Staff training to suit your individual needs and improve your occupancy flow and your unique setting. Trainings are engaging and fun as we know sitting through hours of slides and someone talking can be boring! 


Prospective parents will make a judgement on your setting within the first 30 seconds. The way they are greeted to the way they are shown around and receive key information is very important. A good show around with professional staff and quality written information to take away is all important. JEYS really knows what makes a difference with first impressions.


Do you have a fabulous indoor environment but outdoor is a bit of a mess? Do staff think outdoor play is a time to chat while children run themselves ragged? If so we can help. The outdoor environment is just as important as the indoor environment and children should be able to access the same quality of learning opportunities wherever they choose to play. JEYS can help to transform your outdoor provision and we also train staff on how to use the outdoors effectively.


Inspections can be intimidating and scary – but there is no need to be frightened! JEYS can carry out pre-Ofsted inspections and talk you through specific areas for improvement. We can also draw up development plans and help you get ready for the big day, safe in the knowledge that you can be proud of the service you deliver.


We know that working with parents is not always plain sailing and we also know that some staff would prefer to hide than engage with parents too! This is where we can help. We work with staff to increase their confidence and we also look at the setting from a parent’s point of view to help you make those exemplary first impressions and nail the things that really matter to parents.


We know these two words are often daunting. For all providers whether a childminder or nursery practitioner observation and assessment is really important to helping children to progress. We also know that it is hard to fit in paperwork as well as looking after the children and we have often heard “there’s too much paperwork, when are we meant to play with the children?”. Fear not, we can work together to really understand what observation and assessment is really about, work out a system that works for your setting and expel the myths that go with it.


Every setting needs a little team building from time to time. A chance to let your hair down, have some fun and learn to communicate a little better? Our team building trainings can be held as staff meetings with a chance to work together and have a little fun while at the same time learning how to be a better team.


We are a dedicated team with experience in Early Years Development looking after all families with young children.

Our services include any queries about children, which include the following:

  • Breastfeeding & burping
  • Weaning / eating & progression to solid foods
  • How fast they are growing
  • Their sleeping patterns
  • Development of crawling & speech
  • Potty training
  • Temper tantrums
  • Teething
  • Common infections & skin problems
  • Nail Clipping
  • Weight progression


Expert Advice on Nursery Operation

We know that starting up and running your own childcare business is a challenging project requiring a wide range of skills and knowledge. We’ll help take all the hard work out of this by providing you with the solutions you need. From deciding on suitable premises, provision of key documents, to helping you prepare for your first Ofsted inspection.

HR Services for Employers

Besides saving you time and worry, our HR Services and employment law advice can also save your business money. Extensive experience in matters such as conflict, absence, maternity, appraisals, discrimination – or any other problems with your staff – means we are always prepared for any situation that arises. With our knowledge on your side, you’re protected against the day to day and the unexpected.

ITERS & ECERS Assessment

The Infant Toddler Environment Rating Scale – Revised (ITERS-R) is the partner scale for the 0-2½ age range. Both the ECERS-R and ITERS-R contain a wide range of statements or ‘indicators’ with which to evaluate the quality of the early years services environment in its broadest sense. These indicators ‘stack up’ like building blocks to celebrate strengths and provide signposts to improvement. They also provide a rigorous means of measuring quality – and improvement in quality – over time. The ECERS-R and ITERS-R evaluate seven broad dimensions of quality:

Space and furnishings (e.g. room layout, accessibility of resources, display)
Personal care routines (e.g. welfare requirements such as health & safety and provision for sleeping)
Language and reasoning (e.g. supporting children’s communication, language and literacy development; critical thinking)
Activities (e.g. provision of an exciting and accessible learning environment, resources to support specific types of play)
Interaction (e.g. supervision, support for social interactions)
Program structure (e.g. opportunities for children to access their own curriculum, planning schedules/routines to meet children’s needs) 
• Provision for • Parents and staff (e.g. partnership with parents, staff training and development)

Menu Planning

If you are looking to provide great nutritional menus, you’ve come to the right place! We are passionate about encouraging children to eat healthy and wholesome food.
Creating healthy menus allows you to give children the best head start in life. Why not ask for more details on how we can help you with this.

Routine Planning

We believe that children need to have routines as knowing what comes next helps them feel safe and sets boundaries. Although routines are flexible they help the flow of the day.

Does your staff need a push in the right direction to implement a solid a daily routine? Nursery practitioners should plan the whole day to ensure that your children’s activities are varied using the National curriculum’s Early Years Foundation Stage.

At JEYS we will guarantee a successful outcome should this be an area of weakness.

Consultancy Packages:

Full Day Consultancy

A full day or consecutive days in the setting to give you advice and support while working with your staff team. We work together to improve the care and education provided for children or can work on specific identified areas.

Half Day Consultancy

Half day consultancy is usually used when reviewing previously identified areas. Sometimes we use half days when issues are small or development plans require reviewing ready to make the next steps to improvement.

Staff Meetings

We know the time constraints involved in training staff. That’s why we come to you to hold staff trainings after work. Maximum times are 2 hours as we know that practitioners are tired after a long day!

Our Guiding Principles:

Changing The Lives Of Little People

The formative years of children’s lives are unquestionably the most important years of their lives. Children need to have a safe and secure setting where staff are passionate about providing them with the best possible start in life through a rich and stimulating environment. JEYS believes that by having well-trained Early Years professionals with a clear understanding of the legislative frameworks caring for them, children can flourish and reach their full potential.

Aiming For Excellence

Achieving excellence comes from within. Having a passion to exceed expectations and continually develop sets apart the outstanding settings from their competitors. JEYS understands the passion to deliver exemplary care and education and can support any setting with ambition to be the best that they can be.

Making Early Years Services Sustainable:

In a climate of uncertainty with household budgets being squeezed and unemployment figures rising it has never been a harder time for Early Years service settings. Having a quality Early Years provision is crucial to ensure sustainability both in terms of quality of care and education as well as financial aspects.

Find Out More About Our Early Years Services:

If you would like to find out more information, or to enquire about our Early Years services in East & South East London, please get in contact via our contact us page.